1987 r. Born in Jasło
Master of Art  2013 r. WSUR
Master of Graphic 2017 r.  ASP Kraków

I use primal forms to tell stories about the farthest corners of the human psyche. I am interested in what is extrasensory, spiritual and non-verbal. I often come across experiences in which my tongue is too poor to convey the majesty of the experience narrated. Painting works in such states manifests very well. I create at different moments in my life, feeling joy, freedom and flow, other times I sink into melancholy and my own sensuality. My works, despite the noticeable unrealism, tell a real story of being a man who has his own language to describe what he experiences. I am immersed in processes that go far beyond verbal abilities, therefore I create and paint. In this way, the subtle content that occurs in me can be made real. The original forms that I use for my message are common and universal for every sentient subtle human being, thanks to which I can freely create a thread of understanding, weaving narratives on the border of sleep and reality.





“Hydepark” Notional Museum of Cracov 2020
“ Od śladu do symbolu” Galeria Solvay Kraków 2020
“UNKNOWN’ ? ? ?“ UFO Art Gallery Kraków 2020
“ZEN” UFO Art Gallery Kraków 2020
“” 2019 ART ZONA Kraków
„Open 27” New Walk Muzeum Leicester 11.03.2016
„Flesh” Especialgallery, London 25.09.2015
“ Od śladu do symbolu” Galeria Solvay Kraków 2020
„13 Piątek” Art. Zona, Kraków 2015
„Przeczucie” Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Solvay Kraków luty 2014
„Nie(Pokoje)” Centrum Kultur Pogranicza Krosno syczeń 2014
Szóste Międzynarodowe Biennale Małej Formy Graficznej, Tetevo Macedonia 03.2013r.
Ogólnopolski przegląd dyplomów „Świeża Krew” Galeria Socato Wrocław 2013r.


Prize in „Open 27” New Walk Muzeum Leicester 11.03.2016

Hunourable at „PANKA” Competition – the best master’s  degree, Rzeszów