Hi this is Flowers Of Ferns – Adrianna and Piotr! We are a duo of creative artists, designers and producers of minimalist furniture and design. We create for clients who bond with the metaphorical language of art. We create for people open to new genres, for those seeking harmonious and sensual solutions for their interiors.

Art here takes on a new meaning. We are bold at using art for creating unique projects that let you emphasize your individual taste. We take action in a number of areas – we design and make anything you want to show your energy through. Staying open-minded we offer a wealth of creativity.

Our portfolio contains everything that goes beyond schemes – the furniture that is art and the art that you can use the way you use furniture, the accessories that conjure up a special atmosphere in the interior and the interiors whose atmosphere
needs no accessories, scenographies, fair stands, wonder fairs, exibitions, installations, and sessions. We do not set limits, willing to take up anything that is remarkable and non-trivial. We have courage and will not hesitate to make use of it. We treat each project as an aesthetic challenge.

Working for the leading Polish and international brands, we have quickly established our position in the market. Thanks to significant undertakings, our projects have gained momentum and gone beyond the classical design. The long-standing presence in the art market has contributed in turn to the individual character of our works.